Staff FAQ

Do I need to see a doctor before I come to camp?
All staff members must complete a Health Form and undergo a physical exam prior to camp. Staff members are entitled to use the services of the camp’s Health Center at no charge. The camp maintains a full time health services staff including licensed registered nurses.

Do I need to bring lunch?
No, Beth Sholom Day Camp provides Glatt Kosher meal service for staff and campers alike. Counselors sit with their campers and are expected to supervise while in the Lunch room. Counselors are responsible to insure that their groups clean their lunch area before going to their next activity.

How are we paid?
We pay one half of the salary in the middle of our camp season and the second half on the last day of camp.

What are my working hours at camp?
Monday through Friday. Sign-in is at 8:30 for staff not involved in transportation. Dismissal is at 4:00. Staff involved in transportation can expect to begin their day at approximately 8:00 and should be finished by 5:00. Some staff may be required to stay late for parent visiting and/or one overnight. Breaks throughout the day can be arranged only with the Division Leader’s approval.

What should I wear/bring to camp?
Our staff members serve as role models to our campers and as such are expected to maintain a neat and professional appearance. Staff must wear sneakers daily. No extremes in hair color, piercings or body art are permitted.

What should I expect of Orientation?
You will be required to complete 3-5 days of orientation in June, which will cover all aspects of camp and what will be expected of you in your role as a counselor or specialist. This also gives you an opportunity to get to know the other counselors and staff. Orientation will give you some useful advice in order to deal with various situations you may come across at camp. Adventure specialists will have additional orientation regarding the use of equipment and safety of the program.