Junior Camp (Nursery & Kindergarten)

This division is comprised of our 3 year olds, 4 year olds, and children going into Kindergarten. Junior Camp is based out of our newly constructed Early Childhood Center featuring a large playground designed specifically for their age group. The campers have access to several air-conditioned classrooms and spend time at our designated outdoor activity areas.We offer a full day and a mini day option for our nursery and pre-k campers. In both programs, the children participate in a variety of age appropriate activities. Our youngest campers are introduced to new experiences with a combination of instruction and intentional games.


Every group in our Junior Camp is led by a certified teacher, who is supported by counselors, to maintain our 4:1 camper to counselor ratio. In addition to our group staff, the entire Junior Camp is overseen by one of our experienced Division Heads. The Division Head spends time with each group, offers guidance to the staff, and communicates with parents regarding any concerns or issues about their child.