COVID-19 Update

Posted by | June 5, 2020 |

COVID-19 Update from BSDC

As we work through these unprecedented times, we are thrilled to be given the green light to provide camp this summer and let our children be children once again. Below is the most up to date information we have on what summer 2020 will look like. Yes, camp will look and feel different, BUT, the fun, friends, and memories will still very much be the same.

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  • CAMP DATES – Camp will run from July 13th-August 21st. There is an option of 4, 5, or 6 weeks of camp with a minimum of 4 weeks required in order to attend.
  • PROGRAMS – We have full day camp for Nursery through 10th grade.  All campers must be potty trained. Due to a decrease in capacity, there will be limited spots available.
  • GROUPINGS– There will be 10 Campers in a group. Groups will be organized as smaller, self-contained “families” which will not interact or mix with other groups throughout the day.
  • FACE COVERINGS & SOCIAL DISTANCE- Groups will be encouraged to wear face coverings during arrival, dismissal, and transition from one activity to another. Staff will be required to wear a face covering when engaging with the campers from less that 6 feet away.
  • TRANSPORTATION / DROP-OFF / PICK-UP -This summer camp will be parent drop off and pick up only. Drop off in the morning will be between 8:45-9:20am and pickup in the afternoon will be between 3:35-4:05pm.
  • LUNCH – Please send a KOSHER DAIRY & NUT FREE lunch daily that will be refrigerated at camp. Groups will sit socially distanced from other groups with ample space between. Afternoon snack will be provided.
  • TRIPS/ IN HOUSE ENTERTAINMENT – As per the CDC guidelines, there will be no large group events this summer. As we will be having a closed campus, there will be no field trips this summer.
  • VISITING – Visiting of any kind will not be allowed while camp is in session. Safety protocols will be in place for all deliveries and repairmen who must enter the camp.
  • TESTING – All staff will be required to be tested prior to camp starting. We highly encourage campers to do the same. All campers and staff will be temperature checked daily.
  • RAINY DAY PROTOCOL – There are 3 Rainy Days built into our schedule. These will act the same way Snow Days do during the school year. We will notify you by 6am that morning if camp is canceled.